For us, the future unfolds as an inflow of opportunities. A house to live with family is in the dream of every human being but many consider it as a frightening responsibility. When you entrust your project to us, we take the fear factor from the process as the first step by ensuring that it is in safe and reliable hands. Once in charge of your project, we take care of all the complex factors making you free with your imagination.

Presently, we are in the process of finalizing terms with a number of land owners for jointly launching multiple villas projects in gated compounds. There will be over 100 villas of all types and sizes on offer, laid out in different locations within Thrissur District. Please watch this website for updates and further developments.

Emboldened by the expertise, reputation and trust of our esteemed clients gained over the past two decades, we are diversifying soon into construction of commercial buildings like shopping arcades, hotels, public structures etc., with a determination to leave our mark on each and every one of our creations. You are invited to join hands with us for sharing the benefits of our long experience at no extra cost!

Before concluding, we take this opportunity toalso introduce you to our latest innovations in low cost construction. For budget sensitive projects, we have developed schemes with durations of 100 and 200 days from ground breaking to handover, leaving ample flexibility to enhance the house by owner whenever needed. We are confident that our ambitious and uniqueventure will address the needs of affordable housing to a large section of our society, within justifiable budget and time. As several aspects of such works are to be frozen before start, you are welcome for discussions at our office for more information on the possibilities awaiting you.

Launching Soon

House Clinic

Finally, we would like to inform you in advance, of a new service we are planning to launch soon. It will be a 'HOUSE CLINIC', a novel concept in the construction and maintenance of your precious house. Basically, meant to help non-resident Indians who spend lengthy periods away from home, the House Clinic will offer upkeep of your house with periodic cleaning and essential maintenance in your absence, to keep it occupation ready whenever you plan to have your holidays there, for a nominal annual fee.

The terms and fees will vary depending on the location, area and age of house, type of construction and installations, condition at the point of take-over by House Clinic etc. The service will be available for residents also on an 'on call' basis. Please stay connected with our website to be updated on this service's availability.