House Clinic

Now we would like to inform you in advance, of a new service we are planning to launch soon. It will be a 'HOUSE CLINIC', a novel concept in the field of construction and maintenance of your precious house. Basically meant to serve non-resident Indians who spend long periods away from home, the House Clinic will offer upkeep of your house with periodic cleaning and essential maintenance in your absence, to keep it occupation ready whenever you plan to have your holidays there, for a nominal annual fee. We can offer attractive rates for houses built by us, as we know such properties inside out. On houses built by others, we will have to carry out a survey for a one-time fee, before launching House Clinic services. The terms and fees will vary depending on the location, area and age of house, type of construction and installations, condition at the point of take-over by House Clinic etc. The service will be available for residents also on an 'on call' basis. Kindly keep in touch with our website to be updated on availability of this service.

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