Real Estate

For those who want to acquire a 'ready to occupy' house, our real-estate handling section can provide reliable support. All properties handled by us will undergo stringent checks of quality in construction, legality of land, possession, encumbrance and tax obligations before offering to a buyer. In the case of properties that include buildings constructed by us, we give extended guarantees on the constructions. If you have already spotted a property that suits your needs, you can leave the rest to us to take it forward without hassles. At the same time, if you need us to scout for a property that will be the best for you, that also can be done As an extension of this service, we can offer to find a buyer for a property you want to sell after going through the same kind of quality and legality checks described above. We can also arrange lawyer supervision and assist in full documentation for closing the deal. We assure you that the fees applicable for all of these services will be kept at considerably below the prevailing market rates for such services. Terms and conditions must be negotiated in each case.

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