Training and Employment

Suria Homes has always been conscious of their social commitment in providing trustworthy services to the clients. We have always delivered what we have promised. As a measure of sharing the experience and expertise we have accumulated throughout the past years with the youngsters in our society, we are offering a number of training schemes to new engineers. Over the years of our operation, we have observed a variety of lapses in the new engineers and technicians venturing into construction, when they start their career with an organization or are self-employed. Our training programs are aimed at changing that situation to prepare a youngster better to meet the demands of his/her career, particularly in the early years. An individual's attitude and aptitude plays a major role in this process. There is also a possibility of absorbing some of the successful trainees by Suria Homes or any of our Divisions, depending on the manpower requirement at that point of time.

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