It is our privilege to present this introduction to SURIA HOMES, an ISO certified organization as a gateway to fulfilling your housing dreams! Founded in the year 1996 by Mr.Baijo Paul, the Managing Director, we have already built over 1000 villas of all types and sizes in Kerala and handed over to their happy owners.


Four years ago we launched TEAK SQUASH DESIGNS AND SOLUTIONS as a separate and independent wing, which undertakes architectural designs, package drawings, interior concepts and software development, to create the finest design solutions while SURIA HOMES continues to focus on the task of materializing the dream projects of our clients. Together we create enchanting living spaces to satisfy your needs in every detail.We welcome you to this tour of our website.

Baijo Paul

Managing Director
Suria Homes



Lets build your house with the care and dedication it deserves as each house is unique that reflects the personality of the owner. With the two decades of our activity in this profession, we have gone through a process of learning also on the merits and demerits of our traditional as well as modern construction methods. We pass on the rewards of this rich experience to our valued clients. It was a relatively simple task to build a house in the 1990’s but not anymore with the diverse, sophisticated and ever evolving designs and construction practices of modern housing units. Our duty includes materializing this transition into modernity.

Until the end of last century, there was a strong bond and ‘mentor-disciple’ relationship between master craftsmen and aspiring trainees under them. Creative skills for different trades were handed down to the younger generations who maintained continuity with absolute dedication. But the scenario is quite different now – everyone desires for modern plans and facilities for their houses that are far ahead of old times which can be accomplished only by trained and highly skilled technicians in specific trades. This trend will continue without an end at an accelerated pace where only a focused builder with a quality team can meet the demands of changing times. The old concept of a small house with bare basic necessities in a large property is giving way to modern, spacious and functional buildings overcoming limitations of land space. We have been part of this shift and are ready for implementing this change in concept.