with labor support

We have already completed more than 1000 projects on various types of contracts. Many of the works were for providing skilled labour with supervision where the designs were already arranged by customers. In such cases the project owner arranges Development of all designs while Suria Homes frees the owner of the hassle of engaging the rightly skilled technicians and related work management. We can still undertake such works  though our focus now is more on a ‘design-build-hand over’ strategy.

Package Drawing

For producing highly coordinated design drawings for each project, we have adopted a concept of packages for phases of projects. The two basic packages are for structure of building and interior finishes. More packages can be added for exterior works, landscaping, and any other special work according to specific needs of individual customers. This concept provides high flexibility to the owner for customizing the project to the family’s tastes and needs.

Special renovation/
extension projects

Renovations and extensions to existing buildings are complex tasks. In the case of a renovation, it can go to the extreme case of stripping all fit-out woks and finishes and rebuilding them without damaging the old structure. It is a process of rejuvenating the house and the finished work has to be as good as a newly built one. When it comes to extensions, the tie-in of the existing and newly built sections has to be seamless and as non-conspicuous as possible. It must also take care of the smooth circulation for functioning within the expanded house. We have been able to accomplish this very well throughout our operations period. Minute details of the work are usually discussed and finalized with the owner before any work is done.

Social commitment projects

We can claim without any pretentions that we are a builder with social commitment. First of all, we have turned our worksites environment friendly and litter-free. Purpose made bins are provided at each worksite to deposit segregated waste for later management by recommended processes and the entire work force at our sites are trained for conformity and practice of the norms. 

Two of our innovative systems are ‘PET POT’ and stand-alone Public Toilet buildings. The Pet Pot is a set of specially designed containers for disposal of organic as well as non-biodegradable domestic waste material without harming the environment. Larger versions can be used by medium and small public buildings also. The Public Toilet Building is meant for erection in any public space to provide sanitary facilities for groups of people. These are small buildings having a common wash area and separate toilets for men and women that functions on solar power. Photocell and timer controlled, lighting, ventilation and cleaning are done automatically. The first of these buildings is scheduled to be commissioned within the Municipal Town of Chalakudy soon. We will be in a position to provide these buildings anywhere in Kerala within short notice. For more information on these two systems, please visit our office.