Supervision with labor support

We have already completed more than 1000 projects on distinct types of contracts. Many of the works were for providing skilled labor with supervision where the designs were already arranged by customers. In such cases the project owner arranges Development of all designs while Suria Homes frees the owner of the hassle of engaging the rightly skilled technicians and related work management. We can still undertake such works though our focus now is more on a ‘design-build-hand over’ strategy. 

Package Drawing

For producing highly coordinated design drawings for each project, we have adopted a concept of packages for phases of projects. The two basic packages are for structure of building and interior finishes. More packages can be added for exterior works, landscaping, and any other special work according to specific needs of individual customers. This concept provides high flexibility to the owner for customizing the project to the family’s tastes and needs. 

Special renovation/ extension projects

Renovations and extensions to existing buildings are complex tasks. In the case of a renovation, it can go to the extreme case of stripping all fit-out woks and finishes and rebuilding them without damaging the old structure. It is a process of rejuvenating the house, and the finished work must be as good as a newly built one. When it comes to extensions, the tie-in of the existing and newly built sections must be seamless and as non-conspicuous as possible. It must also take care of the smooth circulation for functioning within the expanded house. We have accomplished this well throughout our operations period. Minute details of the work are usually discussed and finalized with the owner before any work is done.

Social commitment projects

We can claim without any pretentions that we are a builder with social commitment. First, we have turned our worksites environment friendly and litter-free. Purpose made bins are provided at each worksite to deposit segregated waste for later management by recommended processes and the entire work force at our sites are trained for conformity and practice of the norms.  

Two of our innovative systems are ‘PET POT’ and stand-alone Public Toilet buildings. The Pet Pot is a set of specially designed containers for disposal of organic and non-biodegradable domestic waste material without harming the environment. Larger versions can be used by medium and small public buildings also. The Public Toilet Building is meant for erection in any public space to provide sanitary facilities for groups of people. These are small buildings having a common wash area and separate toilets for men and women that functions on solar power. Photocell and timer controlled, lighting, ventilation and cleaning are done automatically. The first of these buildings is scheduled to be commissioned within the Municipal Town of Chalakudy soon. We can provide these buildings anywhere in Kerala within short notice. For more information on these two systems, please visit our office. 

During the past 25 years of operation, about 600 houses were designed and built by our supervision and management team while another 400 renovations projects were fully executed by us, from design to final hand-over to their owners. Our projects and excellent relationship after hand over with our clients are standing testimonies of our commitment to excel in the field. We have always maintained an uncompromising standard in material choice and workmanship. 

We have a passion for shaping sculpted houses and enchanting interiors as well as exteriors and other amenities for the most discerning of our clients. The accompanying photographs will give you an overview of our creations during the past two decades which will also illustrate why our clients are so happy to approach us again for their new ventures. 

We continue to excel in our established field. When you decide to build your own house, you need to rely on a team that gives shape to what you have in mind. Suria Homes, backed by Teak Squash, can take up that role with responsibility to deliver your dream house with diligence. This is a dedicated team of professionals which include qualified engineers, dare-to-dream architect, interior designers, landscape visualizers and a highly skilled labor force, all backed by a highly competent management. We give special emphasize on sustainable building practices, uncompromising quality, and overall meticulous project management for the creation of a sound and unique house for you and your family out of your investment. Our approach to a Builder-Client relationship has remained unchanged all these years, to leave a fully satisfied owner of his/her dream home who will be drawn into a continued rapport with us in future.

During the duration of the project, we provide complete set of architectural designs, separate sets of drawings for different packages specified in contract, support in selection of finish material even if provided by the customer for the best ambiance and economy and all 'as built' technical documentation to help you maintain your house as functional as day one for the near future. 

We will even provide 3D preview of your house and landscape as completed before start of work at site. For those wanting added luxury, we specialize in building swimming pools to rejuvenate you and of unique features evolved from your own imagination. 

We have employed all our experiences from past constructions to meticulous planning of all stages of construction of a medium sized house of 2000-2600 Sq. Ft. floor area with basic interior fit-out including material, within 300 days, from top of basement construction to handing over of keys. This is without compromising on the standards and quality of construction. Works before this stage are excluded and undertaken as a separate package because of the uncertainties of soil conditions and consequent volume of work. 

The facts that prompted us to adapt this framework for building a house are these: Construction without planning for a realistic completion target results in a lot of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction on the part of the customer. A change of the person in-charge of the project, at times beyond the control of the builder, affects continuity of work and trust in builder. The result of this strategy has been that by bearing all responsibilities of these factors and thereby relieving stress of the owner who invests huge amount of money on a house, we have been able to complete such projects on schedule and to the absolute satisfaction of the owner. The owner is always informed of the progress by stage-wise discussions that also take care of the owner’s concerns throughout the construction period.